Brake Reaction Stays

So back in the distant days of Morgan; when the Sliding pillar suspension was adopted the cross-head (the structure that holds the front wheels, suspension and therefore the brakes in place), was simply bolted to the chassis.

Later Morgan revised the mounting design to incorporate a lower Tie-bar back to the chassis to steady the movement of the cross-head and to improve the handling of the Mog on bumpy roads and under braking. This was considered to be sufficient under normal driving but in truth, its not: as it leaves the top of the Cross-head to Flap around in the wind!

Whether on a bumpy road or braking; the top of the cross-head moves forwards and aft, depending on the forces; the most critical force is caused when you brake (We all Have to Brake!) as the force twists the top of the cross-head forward with some force. As brakes have improved over the years and wheels have got larger and tyres have more grip, so the Handling has gone to pot as the forces have increased.

So why is it critical to fit the brake reaction stays, simply put; whether it be bumps or braking, every movement of the cross-head out of standing alignment changes the steering geometry to the point the very capable Sliding pillar suspension, is no longer effective as the steering geometry changes with the movement of the cross-head.

So by adding the brake reaction stays; it braces the top, so it matches the bottom brace. Doing this will ensure that the quirky 100 year old front end will work for another 100 odd years and defy all other Sports Cars on the road.

Step 1 Loosen the Spinners on the ground; Jack the Morgan up and place her on Axle Stands (you will need enough room to drill a 5/16th hole to the under side of the chassis), then Remove the front wheels.

Step 2 Remove the oiler bolt that holds the top of the king pin into the top of cross head.
Note Probably worth having a spare Oiler bolt or two handy just in case the old ones have damaged threads etc.

Step 3 Trial fit the Brake Reaction Stays with the oiler bolt loose, sometimes the Brake Reaction Bars catch the corner of the wing stay, on top of the cross-head if they will not move, Take the Brake Reaction Stays and file radii to the end Oiler bolt end with the reinforcement ring…

DO NOT file the ring or the welds that attach the ring.

Step 4 With the Brake Reaction Stay now sitting on the chassis. Mark the position of lower stay mounting hole on the chassis.

Step 5 Drill the marked position with a pilot hole and work up to the correct size hole. With some Morgan’ s you may have to transfer your mark to the underside of the chassis and drill up (I’m lucky to have a small Drill and in some cases a 90° chuck to get into tight spaces).

Step 6 Spray the freshly drilled hole with galvanising spray and allow to dry

Step 7 Nip the Oiler bolt up, but leave movement in the Brake Reaction Bar so the lower Brake Reaction Stay mount bolt can be inserted and nipped up, now move back to the top and Torque the oil bolt to spec and then move down onto the Lower mounting bolt torque to correct spec.


Now repeat for the other side of your Mog or things will really feel weird if you go for a drive. Have you done the other side? Now go for a drive and enjoy what feels like a different Mog with all the character it had but just more sure footed!!