Rumblings From A Mazda Box! Part 2

Part 2 of the Mazda Box tips on how to fill it adequately and change the Separate Shift Housing oil. The volumes of 70w-90w required are;

  • 290ml to 330ml for the Shifter Housing
  • 2 Litres for the gearbox housing.
Shifter Housing

(Photo 1) Remove the gear stick by removing the 3 screws. Note the “keyway” to the rear of the Gear stick.

(Photo 2) Use a syringe to remove any oil that is present.

(Photo 3) Remove the 4 bolts that hold the Shifter Housing to the Gearbox

(Photo 4) You will need to use a “persuader” to break the gasket (sealant)

(Photo 5) When you lift of the shifter housing, make sure that you clean all surfaces of the old gasket sealant

(Photo 6) Using your syringe suck out all the old oil from the Shifter Housing. Then inspect for any damage or metal filings, ensure that any debris is removed. Now fill the housing with clean 70w-90w oil to the top of the casing, you will have a small amount left due to the angle of the gearbox as discussed previously.

(Photo 7) Clean and oil residue from both mating surfaces.

(Photo 8) Apply a small amount of liquid gasket to the Shifter Housing mating surface area.

(Photo 9) Spread the sealant gasket sparingly so that it covers the mating surface.

(Photo 10 & 10a) Reinstall the shifter housing ensuring that the “white toggle” is located into the round selector (10a). Now replace the 4 bolts so that they are firmly in place. The remaining oil can be put into the Gearstick hosing prior to reinstalling the stick.

Gearbox Filling

As discussed last month, it is not possible to fill the gearbox with the require 2 litres of oil due to the angle of the gearbox in the Morgan. You will need to “jack” up the front of the Morgan and place it on axle stands. This angle allows the oil to be tilted backwards thus giving you more room to add the remaining 350ml.

(Photo 11) Shows the Gearbox filling point plug.

(Photo 12) You may wish to put some PTFE tape on the plug. Ensure that you apply the PTFE tape in an anti-clockwise direction so that it does not “undo” when it is screwed back into place.

You now have changed your gearbox oil correctly and to the correct level so it’s time for that custard cream and a spot of tea!