Spotlight Mounting Pt.1

This month is all about Auxiliary Spotlights or Driving Lights; using the Cibie Oscar and a mounting kit that needs to be fastened to the wing. Also fitting a set of rally style adjustable top stays to the Cibie Oscar to eliminate the wobbly light and blowing bulbs, issues, you get if the spotlights are not restrained in two places.

The wiring connections for the spotlights can be positioned just inside the cowl behind the grill as there is enough room for a connector.

When wiring spotlights you can choose to have a separate on/off switch for the spotlights so that you can choose to when use them with Main Full Beam; or permanently wired to work with Main Full Beam only, when you switch to Dip Beam light the spotlight turns off.

The auxiliary wiring will require a relay to protect wiring and switches and an obligatory fuse. If you are unsure about how to wire the spotlight into the car then have a look for a local auto-electrician who can do the job.

To mount the spotlights:

Step 1a. Stick masking tape to the area of the wing you are working on

Step 1b. Position the spotlight, marking the side of the mount

Step 1c. With the light removed position the mount on the location mark. Mark one of the mount holes on the masking tape

Step 1d. Using a square, draw a vertical line on the hole position mark

Step 2a. Measure the distance from the cowl

Step 2b. Transpose the cowl measurement to the wing on other side for the vertical position

Step 3a. Measure the height from the bottom of the wing to the first hole

Step 3b. Transpose the vertical measurement on the other wing

Step 4a. Using a pilot drill, drill the lower hole that is marked

Step 4b. Now drill though the pilot hole with the full-sized drill

Step 5a. Fix the spotlight mount to the wing

Step 5b. Mark the upper hole position on the vertical line

Step 6. Paint the bare metal with paint to stop corrosion

Step 7. Mount the spotlight into position.

Step 8. Rear view of mount with rubber spacers this stops damage to the Aluminium Wings

To be continued in Part 2…