Wheel Bearing Installation & Packing

To continue from last months wheel bearing removal and inspection we are now going to install a bearing seat or cup ready for a new Tapered Roller Bearing (photo 0) to be installed.

Using a Bearing Press, take an Angled Drift/dolly that is the same shape as the seat or cup (photo 1a) and using the press install the seat (photo 1b) ensuring that afterwards that the seat or cup was installed correctly and was fitted “straight” (photo 1c).

Note. In the photos we are using a red coloured grease to make it easier to see the process, as the correct grease we use is dark green and would not show up.

To pack a bearing correctly, whether it is a new bearing or one that has passed inspection after being cleaned thoroughly to remove old grease and debris. Take a large amount of your chosen grease and place it in the palm of your hand. (photo 2a) Ensure you have plenty available, as it is surprising how much you will use.

Photo 2a Place your grease onto the palm of your hand

Taking the bearing, in hand, push it down through the grease (photo 2b) then keep pushing the same part of the bearing onto the grease until it comes through the rollers on the top (photo 2c). You can now move the bearing round slightly, continuing to push the new area down until the grease comes through again (photo 2d) then move the bearing round again. The reverse side of the bearing should have an even ring of grease showing. (photo 2e)

Using this method to pack a bearing ensures that there are no air bubbles, as you are only forcing the grease through one side of the bearing. It also ensures that and debris, or old grease (when re-packing) gets pushed out.

Next, grease up the stub axle with more grease and slide on the bearing, then the hub. (photo 3a) Install the smaller bearing followed by the castle nut (photo 3b), torque up then fit the cotter pin.

You are now finished and covered in grease!