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Wheels, dealerships and flames…

Welcome to the MOG Blog, check back here for weekly updates on what’s been happening in our world.

For our March issue we’ve got some great stuff in store, embarking on something we’ve never tried….fire ‘painting’. Thanks to talented photographer Danielle Austin, our March shoot will include a Plus 8 surrounded by a wall of fire! This isn’t some photoshop trick either – real flames on a rope and long exposure are the key to getting the right shot. We battled aggressive geese, a flock of sheep and subzero temperatures to bring you this one…check out March MOG (in shops 16th Feb) for the finished article. We’ve got a short video of the shoot below.

Last week we visited Moto-Lita, where we saw some very talented chaps craft beautiful wheels. Also, the MOG team stopped of at the iconic Richard Thorne Classic Cars dealership – quite a few tasty Mogs on sale.